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    • CommentAuthorStuart
    • CommentTimeAug 7th 2007 edited
    In general, we (BI professionals) assume that our business users will be agreeable to changes or enhancements to the BI system, as they will receive new functionality, better data, etc. However, in some situations, change may be forced on the business due to efforts to consolidate technology or reduce costs. Often, the business is resistant to this change, and the user's are reluctant to learn new technology. I know of one such case, where the users complained that the new system would require 3 clicks to get the same information as 1 click in the old system.

    We know we are going to need these people to take on new roles and responsibilities in the governance of the new system. What can BI professionals do to gain these hardened users as allies and get them on board the project?