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Beyond the Data Warehouse: Architectural Options for Data Integration
Data warehousing used to be IT's weapon of choice for corralling the "islands of data" and bringing order to the decentralized information chaos. Shifting business priorities, outsourcing’s popularity, and new technologies have changed that...

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The ROI of Data Quality
by Len Dubois
Enterprise-class data quality solutions incorporate a scalable, repeatable process for data quality management.

How Mature is Your Data Management Environment?
by Tony Fisher
At the initial stage of the Enterprise Data Management Maturity Model, confusion reigns. Complicating the problem is that most organizations are in denial about the quality and usefulness of corporate data.

A Business Approach to Data Quality: Achieving and Maintaining First-Class Organizational Data
The key to understanding any company’s operations is understanding the data. Consequently, the better quality the data is, the better the understanding.

Ten Mistakes to Avoid When Building a Data Quality Program
by David Loshin
C-level executives are finding themselves personally accountable for both the levels and processes associated with data governance and quality assurance.

Data Monitoring: Add Controls to Your Data Governance and Compliance Programs
by Tony Fisher
With data monitoring, you can embrace techniques that will help you maintain the highest data-quality standards over the long haul.

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