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Radical BI and DW




Real-Time Data Warehousing
Active data warehousing is rapidly changing the landscape for deployment of decision-support capability. Challenges of supporting extreme service levels in the areas of performance, availability, and data freshness demand new methods for DW construction.

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Data Visualization Goes Mainstream?
by Stephen Swoyer
Data visualization is one of the hottest segments in BI right now, with a host of vendors—both old and new—plying the trade.

2007 Best Practices Award Winner: Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
LLNL's data warehouse is now a portal-based Java and Oracle RDBMS application considered highly successful in delivering accurate and timely information.

The Shift to On-Demand Business Intelligence
by Ken Rudin
By providing the solution as a service delivered over the Web, the on-demand approach promised to remove the headaches associated with purchasing, deploying, maintaining, and upgrading traditional enterprise software.

Managing Large-scale Business Intelligence Solutions
by Mark Van de Wiel
Business intelligence is a cornerstone of every successful enterprise. Business-critical processes (demand-planning applications, marketing campaigns, personalized Web site content, and many others) rely on business intelligence environments.

Harnessing Visualization: Achieving Situational Awareness by Capturing and Sharing Thoughts
by Dr. Steve Roth
In avionics, flying blind means to fly at night or in fog using only instrumentation. When executives must rely mostly on metrics and dashboard-style data to pilot their businesses, they, too, are essentially flying blind.

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Data Warehousing-half the time and half the cost of ETL