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2007 Best Practices Award Winner: StubHub
Since its founding in 2000, StubHub experienced triple-digit year-over-year growth, straining its existing information management infrastructure.

The Business Intelligence ROI Challenge: Putting It All Together
by Bill Whittemore
Getting approval for your business intelligence (BI) or data warehouse project requires being able to demonstrate business value to your decision makers. Among the most difficult tasks is providing a predictable ROI to senior management.

Ten Mistakes to Avoid When Estimating ROI for Business Intelligence
by Evan Levy
The most common missteps managers make when financially justifying their business intelligence (BI) and data warehouse programs.

Data Warehousing ROI: Justifying and Assessing a Data Warehouse
by Hugh Watson, Dorothea L. Abraham, Daniel Chen, David Preston, Dominic Thomas
Drawing on the data warehousing literature, survey data, theory, and eight case studies, seven justification and assessment propositions are presented.

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