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BI Search and Text Analytics: New Additions to the BI Technology Stack
by Philip Russom
The “data continuum” has direct import on the scope of reports and other documents indexed by search or mined by text analytics

Inside Data Mining Freeform Text
Using your data to drive more profitable business decisions moves data mining from being an interesting research project to a mission-critical business initiative.

Data Integration: Using ETL, EAI, and EII Tools to Create an Integrated Enterprise (Report Excerpt)
by Colin White
This report is a sequel to TDWI’s 2003 report Evaluating ETL and Data Integration Platforms.

Key Technologies Enabling a Seismic Shift in Enterprise Data Management
The authors describe the importance of data lineage and metadata management as key enablers for these initiatives, and discuss how emerging technology is beginning to address this growing need with automated tools.

Integrating Structured and Unstructured Data Using Text Tagging and Annotation
The nature of unstructured data makes it hard to search, retrieve, and analyze; directly integrating it with structured data is non-trivial.

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