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2007 Best Practices Award Winner: Airlines Reporting Corporation
ARC’s company’s first BI application, ARC Document Retrieval Service, helped the company realize $12.5 million in core cost reduction related to shipping fewer paper ticket coupons as the industry became fully electronic.

The Next Wave in BI
by Wayne Eckerson
For BI to reach its true potential within organizations and become pervasive, BI tools must be easier to use and provide insights into business events as they happen.

Seeing It the User’s Way: Interfaces for Real-World Decision Making
by Dr. Steve Roth
There is no more important data warehousing challenge than how people can use the system to make faster, better decisions.

Leverage Complex Event Processing to Improve Operational Performance
by Alan Lundberg
No one would argue that the state of business today isn’t highly complex, particularly where information systems are concerned; and few would argue that complexity adds business value.

Operationalizing Business Intelligence -- Turning Insight into Action
by Bennett Indart
In this article we discuss “operationalizing” business intelligence, focusing on how to take the insights garnered from BI applications and processes and insert them directly into business operations to drive execution across the company.

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