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Dashboard Yea or Dashboard Nay?
by Stephen Swoyer
The dashboards of today differ fundamentally from the relatively static dashboards of yore. According to some proponents, in fact, today’s dashboard is the killer app that could finally take BI mainstream.

How Business Sponsors Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Dashboard
by Stephen Swoyer
More than many other business intelligence (BI) and performance management (PM) projects, dashboards are frequently championed by executive or line-of-business sponsors.

Data Visualization Goes Mainstream?
by Stephen Swoyer
Data visualization is one of the hottest segments in BI right now, with a host of vendors—both old and new—plying the trade.

Exploring the Next Generation of Information Dashboards
Historically, dashboards were provided by the IT department to give company executives a snapshot of the business. Now they are useful tools for all levels of business users.

Closing the Business Process Management Execution Gap
by Russell Keziere
Growing up alongside enabling technologies such as enterprise resource planning, BPM focuses on streamlining internal and customer-facing processes so companies can match the pace of market changes with changes to their own processes.

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