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2007 Best Practices Award Winner: Verizon Data Services
As a result of building its own analytical application, Verizon now has a single 360-degree view of the customer across all acquired brands and regions, and it operates with a single, common version of the truth for reporting and analysis.

Ensuring the Visibility of Your Customer View through Enterprisewide Data Quality
by Cass Brewer
As much as your business needs a panoramic customer view for effective CRM, it requires a way to ensure that view is completely clear.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM): The Defining Business Initiative of the New Millennium
by Jim Berkowitz
This paper outlines how e-commerce has redefined the concept of customer-centricity and takes readers through a mechanism for visualizing and analyzing customer behavior, loyalty, and value.

Intelligent Customer Data Integration: Providing a Sound Foundation for CRM
by Tony Fisher
This article explores why the single most challenging aspect is to recognize and determine the severity of data quality issues and face the problem head-on.

Customer Intelligence
by Bernard Liautaud
Customer intelligence is a process that leverages the capabilities of business intelligence in the context of customer relationship management.

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