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Business Intelligence: The Strategic Imperative for CIOs
The role of the CIO has changed dramatically in recent years by becoming more strategic as organizations look to use information to create a competitive advantage.

Process-Driven BI: Building Smarter Business Processes
By injecting business intelligence technology directly into critical business operations, you can ensure that the right people get involved at the right time to make decisions that impact your bottom line.

Worst Practices in Business Intelligence: Why BI Applications Succeed Where BI Tools Fail
by Kevin R. Quinn
Insight into the top four worst practices for business intelligence with guidance on how to avoid or overcome worst practices in order to tap into the true power of BI.

Company Improves Data Analysis and Reporting with Business Intelligence Solution
A Microsoft SQL Server customer solution case study featuring Kelly Blue Book. Employees can now quickly and easily view data and create a Market Watch report in just a few minutes.

Master Data Management and Business Performance Management
A recent TDWI survey revealed that 51 percent of respondent organizations use a master data management (MDM) solution to support business intelligence (BI) and transactional applications, and 32 percent use it for BI alone.

Gaining New Insights with Master Data Management
FDC is proof that crossfunctional teams comprising business unit knowledge workers and IT technical staff can work together and deliver a data management system that works.

Master Data Management: Myth of the Mega-Vendor Platform
While MDM has come to the fore as a critical area of data management practice with different data domains, MDM requirements have not yet coalesced into a coherent market.

LexisNexis: Enhancing Sales Campaign Support and Improving Data Quality
The goal was to establish a front-office environment to uniquely identify customers and improve the customer experience and effectiveness of marketing and sales functions.

Master Data Management: Extracting Value from Your Most Important Intangible Asset
Many organizations today believe they are already using master data. But the reality is that they are operating within the confines of disconnected silos of data.

Leverage a Disciplined, Standard Approach to Achieve “One-Source” Truth
Today’s best-run companies can identify and repair problems and replicate best practices throughout the organization very quickly. Most of the time, these organizations measure and manage their supply chains with exceptional skill and vigilance.

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