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Monday, 16 July 2007

Enterprise BI - Control vs Responsiveness

The customer facing components of the Enterprise DW/BI service is the BI architecture itself. As the BI tools vastly improve their design and deployment models in addition to providing a wide range of analytic and visualization services, the business community's desire for a self-service deployment model is presenting some interesting challenges to the traditional IT service model. How can IT provide an effective self-service model to their various end-user communities within the enterprise yet still ensure adequate stability and reliability across the enterprise? If we let the end-users develop and deploy user defined tables, imaginative semantic layers, reports, dashboards, scorecards, etc, surely we will end up with a mish-mash of objects that will undermine the integrity and performance of the overall enterprise data warehouse. But they are the customers and our job is to ensure happy customers, right?

Take into consideration a company that has grown through merger and acquisition. To retain the innovation and creativity of the individual business entities, these business units are encouraged to do their own thing by executive management. Is there a way to embrace this autonomy when it comes to providing a BI environment that promotes innovatiion and discovery of new opportunity, WITHOUT compromising the enterprise data warehouse performance and stability?.

The short answer is, we need to find a way to embrace innovative and nimble business communities. But how? I'm interested in your thoughts.