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BI Best Practices: Best of Breed or End to End?

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Best of Breed or End to End?

It seems that the best practice for selecting a solution is starting at a new point of origin. It used to be that when you looked at vendors you started with a needs analysis and proceeded from there. With all of the mergers and acquisitions in the marketplace these past couple months choosing what type of vendor to go with is now part of the challenge. Do you want best of breed or do you want an end to end solution?

Earlier today I spoke with a BPM vendor that offers performance management in an on-demand platform. They do it well and focus on the financial planning, forecasting and consolidation space. They don't however offer a database, or specialized ETL tools or even data quality or integration. They have marquee clients and have been in the space for years.

I understand that existing architecture drives some of the decision but I am curious as to what else comes into play. Is it always price and feature driven? Can you still get an economically solid deal from a company with the end to end solution? Does your personal like or dislike of SAP or Oracle stop you from including OutlookSoft or Hyperion in your RFP and what about office politics?

I'd like to hear your thoughts please comment below and share with our readers your feelings on what drives the decisions and where your budget fits in with needs and solutions.

Also, thank you for visiting the site and the blog. As a Co-founder of the Business Intelligence Network I am pleased and proud of this site and especially happy to be working with our partner TDWI to provide this resource to the community. Please visit often and we look forward to you participating and sharing your thoughts on best practices.

Shawn Rogers
Co-founder and Executive Vice President
Business Intelligence Network

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I agree that M&A are going to have an effect on who selection is made. I still feel its dollars that drive the end result. The big guys are going to have problems making the big stack of solutions fit the price needs of smaller companies.

nice site!

Very nice site! thank you for making such a wonderful contribution to the world of BI.

In my experience(which is not much!) I saw most of the desicions are politically driven with price in mind. I believe that data quality is number 1 problem in most of the companies. This can only be improved with good integration and ETL technologies.

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