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Articles and Case Studies by Wayne Eckerson

Predictive Analytics: Extending the Value of Your Data Warehousing Investment
by Wayne Eckerson
Predictive analytics can help companies optimize existing processes, better understand customer behavior, identify unexpected opportunities, and anticipate problems before they happen.

Four Ways to Build a Data Warehouse
by Wayne Eckerson
It has been said there are as many ways to build data warehouses as there are companies to build them.

The Best BI Tool Is Education
by Wayne Eckerson
The best strategy to ensure proper usage BI systems is to provide continuous education.

Enterprise Business Intelligence: Strategies and Technologies for Deploying BI on an Enterprise Scale (Report Excerpt)
by Wayne Eckerson, Cindi Howson
This report excerpt focuses largely on the front-end BI environment and BI tools. However, it often steps back and puts BI tools into the context of the entire “BI environment” or “BI solution”.

Predictive Analytics: Extending the Value of Your Data Warehousing Investment (Executive Summary)
by Wayne Eckerson
This report is designed for the business or technical manager who oversees a business intelligence (BI) environment and wishes to learn the best practices and pitfalls of implementing a predictive analytics capability.

Myths of Predictive Analytics
by Wayne Eckerson
Predictive analytics is a form of business intelligence (BI) that uncovers relationships and patterns within large volumes of data that can be used to predict future behavior and events.

The Next Wave in BI
by Wayne Eckerson
For BI to reach its true potential within organizations and become pervasive, BI tools must be easier to use and provide insights into business events as they happen.

Assessing Your Organization's Readiness for Performance Dashboards
by Wayne Eckerson
Performance Dashboards are a popular way of monitoring organizational performance. However, they can’t take root in a hostile environment. The organization must be ready to accept and nurture a performance management system for it to succeed.

Dashboard or Scorecard: Which Should You Use?
by Wayne Eckerson
To borrow a term from the telecommunications industry, dashboards and scorecards represent the "last mile" of wiring that connects users to the data warehousing and analytical infrastructure that organizations have created during the past decade.

Deploying Dashboards and Scorecards (Report Excerpt)
by Wayne Eckerson
The future of dashboards and scorecards looks bright. Today, many organizations have deployed performance management systems, but the size and scope of a majority of implementations is still small.

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