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Articles and Case Studies by Stephen Swoyer

Dashboard Yea or Dashboard Nay?
by Stephen Swoyer
The dashboards of today differ fundamentally from the relatively static dashboards of yore. According to some proponents, in fact, today’s dashboard is the killer app that could finally take BI mainstream.

How Business Sponsors Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Dashboard
by Stephen Swoyer
More than many other business intelligence (BI) and performance management (PM) projects, dashboards are frequently championed by executive or line-of-business sponsors.

Data Visualization Goes Mainstream?
by Stephen Swoyer
Data visualization is one of the hottest segments in BI right now, with a host of vendors—both old and new—plying the trade.

BI Case Study: Tracking BI Success
by Stephen Swoyer
Wildlife conservation organization WildTrack is tapping a data analysis solution from SAS to track and monitor a constantly changing inventory.

Grid Computing Accelerates BI Analytics
by Stephen Swoyer
When NIEHS scientists felt that a lack of computing and analytic horsepower was slowing down their groundbreaking research into the environmental causes of cancer, they developed a unique solution marrying data mining with grid computing.

BI in 2007: For Some, The Year of Living Mundanely?
by Stephen Swoyer
What’s on tap for business intelligence (BI) pros in 2007? More of the same, it looks like.

MDM Enthuses, Confuses BI, DM Pros
by Stephen Swoyer
If the tendentiousness which prevailed at a recent TDWI conference is any indication, master data management (MDM) could soon amount to a huge—and apparently misunderstood—concern for many organizations.

Wait Is on for Next-Gen Dashboards
by Stephen Swoyer
Anumber of industry watchers—including TDWI director of research and services Wayne Eckerson—have talked up the emergence of a new kind of dashboard, one that’s simultaneously more insightful and more aligned with business strategy.

In Praise of Dashboard Ubiquity
by Stephen Swoyer
Strategic dashboards—aka, the darlings of the executive-class—monitor the execution of corporate strategic objectives at each level of an organization. They emphasize management more than monitoring or analysis.

BI Case Study: Dashboards for Doctors
by Stephen Swoyer
The analytic dashboard is often positioned as the must-have accessory of the savvy corporate executive, but as EMA’s success demonstrates, users at every level of an organization can benefit from dashboard-like presentations, too.

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