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Enterprise Data Modeling: Lost Art or Essential Science?
by Larissa Moss
This article explains the origin of data modeling and the significance of EDM; compares top-down, bottom-up, and middle-out EDM approaches; describes related data administration principles; and shows how data quality and master data management relate

Data Monitoring: Add Controls to Your Data Governance and Compliance Programs
by Tony Fisher
Data monitoring has become a key component of a complete data-quality and data-integration practice, giving organizations the tools they need to understand how and when their data strays from its intended purpose.

Basics of Governance and Data Integration, Part III of III
by Dan E. Linstedt
Governance and SOA Governance
Before implementing SOA governance, enterprises must first have a firm grasp of governance at different levels of IT, data and processes.

Basics of Governance and Data Integration, Part II of III Governance and Data Governance
by Dan E. Linstedt
Data governance encompasses the people, corporate processes and procedures that ensure data value, quality improvement, single shared definitions and availability at the right time to the right people.

Basics of Governance and Data Integration, Part I of III
by Dan E. Linstedt
Governance and IT Governance
Governance defines the way we manage, monitor and measure different aspects of our organizations.

The Benefits of Data Standards for Insurance
by Tana Sabatino
Companies differentiate themselves not by whether or not they use a data standard, but by how they use it.

Customer Data Integration, Data Quality and Data Standards
by David Loshin
For successful customer data integration, organizations must rely on a core set of information principles.

Data Quality and Data Governance: The Basics
by Duffie Brunson
The framework of how an enterprise data governance and quality effort should be built.

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