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Articles - Dashboards and Scorecards

In Praise of Dashboard Ubiquity
by Stephen Swoyer
Strategic dashboards—aka, the darlings of the executive-class—monitor the execution of corporate strategic objectives at each level of an organization. They emphasize management more than monitoring or analysis.

Dashboard Ho!
by Stephen Swoyer
To listen to some business intelligence (BI) vendors tell it, the success of dashboards and scorecards is all but assured.

Deploying Dashboards and Scorecards (Report Excerpt)
by Wayne Eckerson
The future of dashboards and scorecards looks bright. Today, many organizations have deployed performance management systems, but the size and scope of a majority of implementations is still small.

Dashboards and Scorecards
by Hugh Watson
Despite the attention given to scorecards and dashboards, it is my experience that the similarities and differences between these two approaches to business performance management (BPM) are little understood.

Dashboard Design: Beyond Meters, Gauges, and Traffic Lights
by Stephen Few
Dashboards provide a distinct and powerful means to communicate information, with specific benefits, but they also pose a specific set of design challenges.

Ten Mistakes to Avoid When Creating Performance Dashboards
by Wayne Eckerson
A performance dashboard is more than just a screen with fancy performance graphics on it: it is a full-fledged business information system that is built on a business intelligence and data integration infrastructure.

The Latest Trends in Business Performance Management
by Craig Schiff
Innovative BPM Vendors now offer various packages, including features like metadata management, driver-based planning, workforce planning, predictive analytics and verticalization.

The Common Performance Management Pitfalls
by Craig Schiff
Five surefire ways to reduce the likelihood of success for your business performance management project.

Business Performance Management Dashboards
by Craig Schiff
Accelerating the success of your dashboard initiative—building on the experiences of others.

Business Performance Management and Predictability
by George McMann
Linking business execution to business strategy.

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