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2007 Best Practices Award Winner: Memorial Sloan-Kettering
A committee defined a methodology to create, maintain, and administer a data warehouse that would ultimately unite clinical, operational, and financial data.

BI Search and Text Analytics: New Additions to the BI Technology Stack
by Philip Russom
The “data continuum” has direct import on the scope of reports and other documents indexed by search or mined by text analytics

Predictive Analytics: Extending the Value of Your Data Warehousing Investment
by Wayne Eckerson
Predictive analytics can help companies optimize existing processes, better understand customer behavior, identify unexpected opportunities, and anticipate problems before they happen.

Master Data Management: Myth of the Mega-Vendor Platform
While MDM has come to the fore as a critical area of data management practice with different data domains, MDM requirements have not yet coalesced into a coherent market.

SWOT: Microsoft Masters Data Management with its Acquisition of Stratature
by Michael Schiff
Microsoft’s acquisition of master data management (MDM) software vendor Stratature fills a gap in Microsoft’s technology portfolio

The New Debate: EDW or PDW
by Larissa Moss
Is an organization better off pursuing enterprise data warehousing or personal data warehousing? That seems to be the new debate in the industry—and for good reason.

Enterprise BI Search: Implementation Considerations
The simplicity has many people excited about the prospect of bringing Google-like search into enterprise business intelligence (BI) systems.

Data Visualization Goes Mainstream?
by Stephen Swoyer
Data visualization is one of the hottest segments in BI right now, with a host of vendors—both old and new—plying the trade.

Exploring the Next Generation of Information Dashboards
Historically, dashboards were provided by the IT department to give company executives a snapshot of the business. Now they are useful tools for all levels of business users.

2007 Best Practices Award Winner: Airlines Reporting Corporation
ARC’s company’s first BI application, ARC Document Retrieval Service, helped the company realize $12.5 million in core cost reduction related to shipping fewer paper ticket coupons as the industry became fully electronic.

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