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Master Data Management: Myth of the Mega-Vendor Platform
While MDM has come to the fore as a critical area of data management practice with different data domains, MDM requirements have not yet coalesced into a coherent market.

SWOT: Microsoft Masters Data Management with its Acquisition of Stratature
by Michael Schiff
Microsoft’s acquisition of master data management (MDM) software vendor Stratature fills a gap in Microsoft’s technology portfolio

Achieving Data Quality Through Master Data Management
by John Bair
As companies look to better manage their data, achieving a higher level of information quality is a key objective. Master data management (MDM) is an essential component that helps companies manage reference data across business functions and processes.

BI in 2007: For Some, The Year of Living Mundanely?
by Stephen Swoyer
What’s on tap for business intelligence (BI) pros in 2007? More of the same, it looks like.

Master Data Management: Getting the Most from an MDM Initiative
by Matthew J. Beyer
Without a doubt, master data management can help a company do business much more efficiently.

Master Data Management, Synchronization, and Coherence
by David Loshin
Master data management (MDM) is a popular topic among enterprise information management professionals. But it isn’t a technology or a shrink-wrapped product.

MDM Enthuses, Confuses BI, DM Pros
by Stephen Swoyer
If the tendentiousness which prevailed at a recent TDWI conference is any indication, master data management (MDM) could soon amount to a huge—and apparently misunderstood—concern for many organizations.

Q&A on MDM: What People Are Asking About Master Data Management
As data volumes proliferate and the economies of scale from data reuse drive ROI, IT managers are wondering whether MDM and enterprise data warehousing are related. In this Q&A article, Jill Dyché tackles some common MDM questions.

Technical Best Practices for Master Data Management
by Philip Russom
Excerpted from the full TDWI October 2006 report: "Master Data Management: Consensus-Driven Data Definitions for Cross-Application Consistency"

The ABCs of Master Data Management: Architecture, Business Case, and Customer
by Anurag Wadehra
MDM has risen to the forefront as a critical data management practice, albeit with different data domains, but the varied MDM requirements have not yet converged into a single coherent market. Companies are understandably confused about where to start.

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