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Enterprise BI Search: Implementation Considerations
The simplicity has many people excited about the prospect of bringing Google-like search into enterprise business intelligence (BI) systems.

2007 Best Practices Award Winner: DaimlerChrysler AG
In a similar fashion, GPSIS is an SRM—Supplier Relationship Management—system that provides a basis for managing the company’s relationship to its suppliers.

The Best BI Tool Is Education
by Wayne Eckerson
The best strategy to ensure proper usage BI systems is to provide continuous education.

Extending Enterprise BI Capabilities: New Patterns for Data Integration
by Anupam Manglik, Vivek Mehra
This article discusses the benefits and constraints of new data integration patterns that can augment traditional physical methodologies to provide a complete BI view for the enterprise.

Business Intelligence Solution Evolution: Adoption and Use
by Susan Foster, Paul Hawking, Andrew Stein
The global enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems industry blossomed in the 1990s automating back office operations. These systems have now become essential for many companies.

The Importance of Enterprise Information Management for Business Intelligence
by Phillip On
To maximize enterprise performance, today’s organizations require timely, consistent access to trustworthy information from within their organization and beyond.

When Business Intelligence Equals Business Value
by Ken Neal, Lawrence De Voe
We will address how business intelligence value means getting the right information to the right user at the right time.

Business Intelligence Deployment Strategies: A Pragmatic Pattern-Based Approach
by Paul Zangaglia
This article exposes the myriad issues and constraints an organization must explore during the BI solution design and planning process.

Ten Mistakes to Avoid When Selecting and Deploying BI Tools
by Cindi Howson
Keep in mind: the goal is not to find the “best tool” but to find the “best fit.” Every BI tool has its sweet spot. If you deploy the tool outside its sweet spot, you will see its weaknesses.

The Business Value of Business Intelligence
by Steve Williams, Nancy Williams
This article contributes to the emerging dialog on business value by extrapolating from BI lessons learned and from DecisionPath Consulting's experience working with Fortune 1000 customers and government agencies.

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