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The New Debate: EDW or PDW
by Larissa Moss
Is an organization better off pursuing enterprise data warehousing or personal data warehousing? That seems to be the new debate in the industry—and for good reason.

2007 Best Practices Award Winner: Ingenix
The consolidation of various data silos has saved the company several million dollars, and has produced ongoing cost savings, eliminated redundancies, and dramatically increased the efficiency of integrating new data sources.

Compliance as a Trojan Horse: Funding Your Enterprise Data Warehouse
by Stephen Brobst
Current IT spending in support of regulatory and compliance projects is significant, and it is expected to increase in coming years.

One Version of the Truth
Meta Data Management and Other Considerations for Enterprisewide Business Intelligence Implementations
This article identifies the considerations in managing the multiple data mart structures that span across the enterprise.

Four Ways to Build a Data Warehouse
by Wayne Eckerson
It has been said there are as many ways to build data warehouses as there are companies to build them.

Data Warehousing ROI: Justifying and Assessing a Data Warehouse
by Hugh Watson, Dorothea L. Abraham, Daniel Chen, David Preston, Dominic Thomas
Data warehouses require a sizeable commitment of organizational resources. As a result, there is considerable interest in how they are initially justified and later assessed.

Does the Real-Time Enterprise Have an Achilles' Heel
by Andrew Manby
Struggling with tight budgets, organizations must weigh the expenses with the decision-making benefits of real-time data. A more practical solution may be the right-time enterprise.

Ten Mistakes to Avoid When Constructing a Real-Time Data Warehouse
by Stephen Brobst
This article identifies the 10 most commonly made mistakes when designing a real-time data warehouse and gives advice to help you avoid these pitfalls.

Appliances—Data Mart or Enterprise Data Warehouse?
by Stuart Frost
Appliances are becoming established in the data warehousing market, but some companies and analysts have positioned appliances as “just” suitable for data marts (DM). Is this true, or can they also be used for large-scale enterprise DW.

Seeing It the User’s Way: Interfaces for Real-World Decision Making
by Dr. Steve Roth
There is no more important data warehousing challenge than how people can use the system to make faster, better decisions.

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